How our journey began...

Nourish Community is a community based not for profit organic food garden where we grow, donate and educate people on the amazing world of food growing. We believe in educating and empowering individuals so that they can better help support and improve their mental, emotional and physical wellbeing through reconnecting with nature and food. We are based just outside of Bournemouth, Dorset, UK.

New to growing, twin brothers Nick and Rich Stone and along with the world, witnessed first hand how our food system came under major threat and was almost brought to its knees during the uncertain times of 2020. With all the fear and conflicting views going on around the world, they were both inspired and motivated to start growing their own food, to not only support themselves and their families but also to do what they could to support their friends and individuals within the community that had come under hard times.

Nourish Community was later founded and set up two summers later to not only help support the wider community but also to help establish, protect and grow a stronger more resilient food system for the people, by the people.


Amongst all the uncertainty going on in the world right now, we are witnessing first hand a major movement taking place; an exciting food growing movement! This is not only helping support and bring people together, no matter their skin colour, religion or race, but also communities around the world are coming together and becoming stronger and more resilient during these uncertain times. This movement is not only helping to empower us as individuals but as a collective.

  At our core Nourish Community is focussed on making both our produce and educational material as accessible to all as possible. In order to achieve this long term, we believe that we must build and establish a self-sustaining and ethical business model that supports everyone involved; from the food growers to the various distributors, be it foodbanks, shops and restaurants, to the individuals and families within our communities that need that extra helping hand.

As time went on, our food growing journey naturally evolved where we discovered and adopted a number of more sustainable food growing practices that we now teach. These natural practices not only better help support and protect our local environment and wildlife, but they also play an essential role in making it possible for us to grow highly nutritious, fresh and organic produce.

One of our initiatives we have been working on is to better help support small, local and independent businesses that also align with or share a similar ethos to life and the community as we do.

We believe by developing close relationships and supplying our produce to these local businesses at affordable prices, they too are able to use and supply our produce also at affordable prices to their customers. We can prosper and thrive not just as individuals but together as a community.

It should not be a privilege nor should there be a premium price for our produce. Eating organic should not be seen as a trend but simply a return to tradition.

The food we grow travels no more than a few miles from where it is grown and harvested to the hands and mouths of the people we help feed.

We welcome you all, whatever journey you are on, to join us and become part of this incredible movement.

Feel free to contact us here.

Nick & Rich