An Introduction To Food Growing Workshop



10am - 1pm 

at Nourish Community
(near Bournemouth Airport)

You will also receive our Full Workshop Notes and Grow Guide Bundle
 (see below for details)

Limited places available

Growing your own food can be both incredibly joyful and empowering, however, it can also come with its own challenges! With this Introduction To Food Growing workshop, we give you easy to understand tips, advice and action steps that you can take away and use at home and in your own garden. 

Anyone can learn and develop the fundamental skills to become confident, empowered and benefit from the amazing world that growing your own fresh organic food has to offer.


There can be confusing and conflicting opinions out there which tend to leave our heads spinning. However, our aim is to help simplify and declutter your food growing journey by sharing some of the key principles that we have discovered since we first started.

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Growing The Community

Through our in person workshops and online community we can help support, educate and guide you on this exciting journey.


During the workshop you will discover…

  • The very first steps to take before growing your own food
  • How to create and layout your beds so that you can be as smart and efficient with the space and resources you have available
  • What to fill your beds with to help boost soil and plant health
  • How to sow seeds and take care of young seedlings
  • How to grow a lot of food in a small space - beginner overview
    (for a deeper dive see our “How To Grow A Lot Of Food In A Small Space” full workshop)

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  • Some of the beginner mistakes we made and how you can avoid them
  • The easy way to feed your plants without having to worry about multiple different feeds and fertilisers
  • Discover simple tips to know when to water your plants
  • How we work with nature to naturally help with pests and weeds
  • How to make compost and why your plants love it

You will also receive...

After the workshop via email, our Workshop Notes and the Nourish Community Grow Guide Bundle that you can download and use in and around the garden to help guide you along the way.

The bundle includes…

  • Recommended sowing and harvesting dates to help keep you up to date and on top of your garden
  • A list of companion planting ideas so you can naturally help support the health and vitality of your plants
  • A list of the staple vegetables, herbs and flowers we grow, why we grow them and the seed companies we buy from
  • Recommended plant spacings and why we break the rules with some of them